From insurers to pensions funds, institutions count on the specialist market expertise of our highly-experienced Institutional Trading team.

Whether they leverage our ability to access liquidity, preserve anonymity or secure the benefit of on-time-every-time execution, they can always count on Nanto Sapporo Brokerage for the service their patronage demands.

Supplementing our algorithmic trading solutions is a team of sales traders delivering top-flight execution services, utilizing a deep understanding of our markets and purpose-built trading technology.

Our institutional trading team have a solid history of robust and enduring client relationships and provides exceptional client service.

Through Nanto Sapporo Brokerage, institutional clients can trade on more than 100 international market destinations, in local market real-time.

They can access markets awash with global liquidity from more than 2,500 institutions and 600 broker-dealers. We can provide them with access to buy and sell-side order flow and provide margin/leveraged finance as the need arises.