Research is among the most important aspects of our work with institutional clients.

Our in-house research operations conduct detailed research on more than 500 global companies to identify appropriate securities and determine the optimum asset allocation and diversification strategies for their requirements. Our researchers and analysts compare their findings against real-world scenarios – after all, it is possible to make all the right moves, invest in the right sectors, select the right assets and still lose.

It is this ability to take a step back from the tools – the charts, earnings data and general market static – in order to gain an objective view. This can make the difference between notable profit and significant loss.

Since our inception, Nanto Sapporo Brokerage has watched bull markets give way to bear markets and back again. The power and relevance of the analysis we conduct can be seen in the returns we generate for all clients – institutional and individual.

Our analysis teams fuse fundamental and technical analysis that identifies individual stocks and the best time to sell or buy them. In addition to the obvious – things like the company’s situation and the prospects for its sector – we factor in the effects of geopolitics, looming legislation, monetary policy trends and political landscape – absolutely nothing is left to chance.