During their tours of duty at previous companies, Nanto Sapporo Brokerage founders identified trends that largely remain applicable today. Dynamics like the voracious appetite of the emerging markets for raw materials like iron, copper, and aluminum were spotted and plans put in place to position clients to take advantage of the resulting surge in the price of these commodities. Since then, of course, the dynamic has changed but

It is this level of strategic planning that forms the bedrock of our investment principles and while it may not possess the modern methods, it will always provide a sound and prudent basis for the medium to long-term investment strategies we advocate to our clients.

Nanto Sapporo Brokerage is unashamedly medium to long-term investors. The majority of our clients entrust their wealth to us for a minimum of five years because they, like us, believe that the best way to achieve growth is by minimizing the effects of market volatility on their investment portfolios.

This is not saying that we eschew short-term investment – indeed, many of our clients wish to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that short-term fluctuations on the world’s equity markets can offer and duly commit some of their funds to trading on the investment recommendations of our trading report subscription service.

Our in-house research teams employ both fundamental and technical analysis to identify entry points into carefully selected equities at a suitable juncture within an uptrend. These entry points are disseminated to subscribers on a daily basis and provide information on which stock to buy, the optimum purchase price and, of course, the selling price.

Such is the level of analysis and research that goes into identifying these equities, it is rare for the trading report to recommend more than 15 stocks in one year.


Retirement Planning

Most people will agree that the aim at retirement is to enjoy the quieter years of one’s life in as much comfort as possible. Sadly, many individuals fail to make adequate provision for a period that can also be the most expensive. Think about it – during your working years, you spend most of your time, well, at work. You receive your salary which goes towards meeting the various obligations and responsibilities like a mortgage and other payments.

When you retire, you suddenly have a lot more time on your hands and, for most, the aim is to spend this time at leisure. Without a regular salary, leisure can become somewhat more expensive than it did before so it is essential that your income during retirement is up to par.

At Nanto Sapporo Brokerage, we aim to adhere to a plan that pursues growth in the earlier years and preservation as retirement nears. This is achieved by targeting growth levels and, each year, locking away profits into carefully selected tax-efficient fixed income securities.

At retirement, a lump sum is available to you which can then be used to purchase an annuity form a pension provider or merely left to generate income from a bond.

Investments are managed to reduce tax implications and take account of all sources of retirement income including state and employer pensions, potential earned income and required minimum distributions from tax-deferred accounts.  It is critical that the retirement plan is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the plan is on target to achieve the most up-to-date view of each client’s retirement plan.


Estate Protection

It can take a lifetime – or several lifetimes – to amass wealth and it is understandable that many of us wish to leave something to relatives and loved ones when we pass away. Nevertheless, many fail to plan for the distribution of their legacy and, on many occasions, it transpires that the tax authorities are entitled to a substantial portion of what you leave behind.

It is essential that steps are taken to protect your legacy in the event of your death. Nanto Sapporo Brokerage maintains relationships with estate planning professionals who can arrange for your wealth to be legally distributed to your family after your death and also to put in place insurance policies that mitigate the tax authorities’ claim on your estate.

This is a complex and constantly changing environment and it is of paramount importance that any documents are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.